Quality Management Systems

Our ISO 9001 Quality Management Policy;

Is to take our place in the global market and become successful based on the following principles.

  • To become leader of the sector by following up the technological developments and increasing in this way the product quality and diversity,
  • To produce continuously and at the right  time the products which meet the customers’ expectations,
  • To meet fully the customers’ requests at each stage in order to provide customer satisfaction
  • To develop the quality system in all processes towards more efficiency in order to increase the quality and decrease the costs,
  • To posses a team spirit with all our employees, dealers and clients who constitute our inner dynamics ,
  • To be exigent concerning the legal obligations and the environment while running our activities,

ISO 45001 our Work Health and Safety Systems Policy

In all its activities Kastamonu Entegre is accepting  the human factor as its valuable asset. The basic priority of our company, which is producing various forestry products, is to manage all our confronted risks, of which fire comes first and to reduce to minimum any possible losses, in order to create continuous, safe and healthy work conditions for its employees..

For this reason we guarantee;

  • To conform to all regulations in force concerning the work health and safety,
  • To evaluate all new product, process and facilities within the work health and safety frame  starting from the project stage,
  • To determine and evaluate together with the employees all the risks  with negative influence on the work health and safety and to take the necessary measures for preventing the accidents and occupational diseases,
  • To develop the systems which would reduce to minimum the losses in case of accidents and emergency situations which might occur during our activities,
  • To include our employees, contractors and guests in the scope of our health and security implementations, to be open to the technological developments which would provide a safe work environment,
  • To provide the continuity of our training activities, to increase the performance level of the work health and safety, to asses and to develop continuously in order to develop the work health and safety consciousness.

In order to meet the commitments of this policy, the necessary measures are taken and a culture open to continuous development is created together with our employees, apprentices, suppliers, contractors, business guests  and visitors. In order to keep the system in conformity with the changing conditions, all our employees and especially the management, are responsible of taking and implementing the necessary measures concerning their own field of activity.

ISO 50001 our Energy Management  System Policy

  • To increase the energy performance values including the energy efficiency and intensity in all processes,
  • To reduce the costs by bringing new developments to all processes  from the energy efficiency point of view.
  • To become the company which consumes energy in the most optimum way in the sector, by following the developing technologies and thus increasing the energy management quality,
  • To provide continuous development concerning energy performance through employees whose training and experience is developing and management open to communication,
  • To conform to the national and international legal requirements concerning energy management,
  • To be sensitive towards environment  by reducing the emission values taking as basis efficiency while producing and consuming energy,
  • To provide energy sustainability by diversifying our fuel types and supply sources,
  • To be traceable by doing our energy measurements,  evaluation and reporting in the best way,
  • To provide the acquisition of the energy saving products, services and designs for improving the energy performance and to reserve the budget for the necessary improvements,
  • To reduce the consumption of fossil fuel by increasing the rewable energy sources and generation possibilities.

Our FSC Policy

As Kastamonu Entegre Ağaç Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş; we undertake not  to have been involved , directly or indirectly, in activities such as:

  • Illegal wood or forestry products trade,
  • Violation of traditional rights and human rights during the forestry activities,
  • Destruction of high protection values during the forestry activities,
  • The transformation of the forest areas into plantations or ex forestry usage,
  • Usage of genetically modified organisms in the forestry activities,
  • Violation of the Basic ILO Agreements defined in the ILO (International Labor Organization) Declaration concerning the basic labor principles and rights.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Policy

We undertake to;

  • To provide safe access to the information assets of ourselves and of our stakeholders,
  • To protect the information usability, integrity and privacy,
  • To evaluate and manage the potential risks which might be encountered by ourselves and our stakeholders,
  • To protect the reliability  and brand image of the enterprise,
  • To make the necessary investment in case of violation of information security,
  • To meet the national, international and sector regulations, legal and related regulatory requirements, to fulfill the obligations imposed by the international agreements, to provide the security necessities related to the corporate responsibilities concerning the domestic and foreign stakeholders,
  • To diminish the effect of information security threats upon job/ service continuity and to provide the continuity and sustainability of the job,
  • To protect and improve the information security level through the installed control infrastructure
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