Our Quality Policy

The quality policy and understanding of Kastamonu Entegre is reflected in the high level quality standard of each product that is manufactured. The basis of the production and quality activities of the company is to increase the quality level and decrease the costs by implementing efficiently the quality system at each stage of production. 

All work processes within the Kastamonu Entegre structure are run based on this concept and without making any compromise from the quality standards point of view. The controls which are made in the 26 laboratory and quality control points installed in the factory, taking as reference the EN “European Norms” standards, are securing the product quality just at the production stage.

Moreover, in order to provide complete fulfillment  of customers’ requests and expectations, there are other product tests and controls performed at Kastamonu Entegre according to the situations which might be encountered during the product usage. For panels, there are pressing and painting tests and for the laminate flooring there are fixing implementations made. Due to the system created for the after sales services, the customers’  requests  are met within the shortest possible time and in the most efficient way.

From the point of view of Quality Management Systems implementations at company level, Kastamonu Entegre has always been pioneering in Turkey. In addition to certifications such as ISO 9001 Quality Management System,In addition to certifications such as ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 45001 Work Health and Safety management System, ISO50001 Energy Management System obtained many years ago, the company has also obtained the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certificate.

Kastamonu Entegre that is running the production with full respect towards environment and nature and fully conscious of its social responsibilities, has carried its environmental sensibility to a more advanced level by obtaining the FSC® Forest Stewardship Council® Certificate. The FSC® Certificate is documenting the fact that due to the raw materials obtained from the forests under protection, these forests are managed in a sustainable manner and this is inspected and approved by an independent committee. By means of this certificate, the deterioration of the natural forests and of the other living environment in the world is prevented, guidance is provided for the high quality forestry activities by securing the efficient functioning of the forestry establishments. In the country, the Gebze, Balikesir, Kastamonu and Adana Facilities have the FSC® Certificate and overseas, the Romania and Bulgaria facilities have the FSC® Certificate.

The CARB2 Certificate which is becoming more and more prominent and demanded in the whole world for the wooden products,  has also been obtained by Kastamonu Entegre, who has thus met another  criteria necessary for the global markets, proving once more that it is a global player that watches over the human health at the highest level. A lot of furniture manufacturers and big chain stores in the world  are requesting from their suppliers the low formaldehyde emission ( 0,11 ppm for MDF, 0,09 ppm for Particle boards) CARB2 ( California Air Resources Board Phase 2) Certficate for the wooden panels. The Romania, Gebze, Balikesir and Adana production facilities have CARB2 Certificates.

All products have the TSE Turkish Standards Certificate of Conformity (E1, E0, FR, etc.). Kastamonu Entegre was the first company which obtained the E0 and FR certificates for flooring. In addition to all these certificates, the usage hygiene level possessed by the company products was registered by certificates of hygiene.

Parallel to the purpose of securing the product quality at the production stage, of reducing costs and consequently, increasing the competition power in the increasingly challenging global markets, within the company these activities are targeting at securing the sustainability of the quality culture by developing it with the quality systems.

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