Technotop Worktops, which are multifunctional kitchen and bathroom worktops, are produced using modern machinery and latest technology, Teknopan-Mr (Moisture Resistant) particleboards, Cpl and Hpl laminate. Laminate used on the top surface and the layer on the bottom surface of the worktop protects the worktop from moisture and water. With this characteristic, it constitutes an excellent choice for places such as kitchen and bathroom where hygiene is of great importance. Technotop Worktops are a perfect alternative versus acrylic based, granite and marble worktops in terms of the price. Furthermore, the worktops are resistant to scratching, heat, steam, water, stain, impact and wear. Easy to clean The decor and surfaces formed after a comprehensive selection, provides comfortable and easy selection opportunity for modern applications. The solid and wooden ones from among the decors consisting of approximately 70 colors are fully compatible with Teknolam and Medelam colors.

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