Glossmax High Gloss Panel is a wooden panel with decorative glossy surface obtained by applying glue and UV lacquer on the surface of melamine faced MDF or particleboard through various industrial processes using an advanced and unique technology. With the lacquer applied after the chemical contamination of hot coating process providing an excellent adhesion to the melamine coated surface, a surface with a scratch and wear resistance higher than the other glossy surfaces is obtained. Furthermore, the top layer hardened by means of UV rays is also resistant to discoloration by sun light and chemicals. In this way, excellent specular gloss is obtained. This technology provides a solution opening new ways in surface coating, highlighting the natural look and texture of the solid wood, substantially facilitating surface finishing application. Glossmax Glossy Panel resistant to wear, impacts and scratching reflects the naturalness of the wood while enriching your living space with specular gloss through different color options. Glossmax Glossy Panel Products that can be used in furniture production as the symbol of elegance and quality, ushers in a new age in the sector with its technology maintaining its glossy look for a long time.

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