Our Basic Values

The sense of  justice and honesty

  • We provide equal opportunities to all our employees and treat them all fairly
  • We establish relations with all our stakeholders based on honesty, justice and trust
  • We are correct, open and consistent in our statements and behavior.
  • We encourage everybody to speak out loud their thoughts.


  • We work in open communication.
  • We share our knowledge and experience.
  • We work in the feedback spirit
  • We share our opinions in an inquisitive manner


  • We provide working at a high motivation level
  • We encourage success, we reward it
  • We support each other.
  • We are part of a strong and learning organization


  • We do not permit the formation of risk carrying conditions..
  • We behave within  the frame of ethical values and principles..
  • We do our job with integrative responsibility.
  • We foresee the consequences of our statements and behavior, we carry responsibility

Continuous development

  • We conduct research in the light of science, we inquire.
  • We follow up change and become part of it.
  • We support the potential and the value generation of our team friends.
  • We continuously renew ourselves, we get ready for the future

Team work

  • As members of a global team we work together for the same purpose
  • We share ideas, technology and talents and reach our target as a team
  • We trust each other individually and collectively and share responsibility
  • We are not afraid of difficulties, we learn from each other

Respect towards human and nature

  • We care about each other.
  • We approach differences with respect
  • We work with respect for environment and nature, fully conscious of our social resposibilities
  • We establish our relations and communications witihn the frame of mutual respect


Growth and Profitability

To be a global player in the wooden panel sector, who supports sustainable growth, is close to the forestry resources; who is investing in the present, new and profitable markets.


To add value to the comfortable living spaces with innovative,  competitive, high quality, consumer and environmentally friendly products which meet our customers’ expectations . 

Brand name

To be an innovative, environmentally sensitive, reliable world brand in the wooden panel sector

Supply chain management

To supply our quality products to our customers in time and at a high service level due to our investments which are close to the raw material sources and to the market and which are supported by high technology.


To be a company which gives importance to its employees, learns and develops continously, is innovative, is success focused and gives priority to the team spirit and is preferred to others

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