Corporate Social Responsibility

We, Kastamonu Entegre, have been conscious of our responsibility towards environment since year 1969 when we were established. The focus of our activities is  the principle of “ being beneficial” and all our social responsibility works are unfolding around this axis. Fully conscious of our global brand identity, we are setting sustainable targets to ourselves on the road to the future, with our services expanding beyond borders and with our stakeholders with whom we are closely connected like the chain rings. Our social responsibility activities shaping around  the human being and society axis are consolidated by our solution focused approach.

We visualizing all the society units as interconnected to each other and are adopting an integrative sustainable approach. Apart from our activities held for the popularization of the environmental impact decrease, work health and safety culture, we are undersigning corporate responsibility projects for providing added value to our living environment.

Our centers which are located in different geographical areas, the relations we have established,  have made us confront the reality that the needs of the environment and of the society are are not at regional, but at universal dimensions. Staring from this point, at all our domestic and overseas locations we are developing projects under the 

  • Environment
  • Education and Culture
  • Sports

The production we make is environmentally sensitive, in conformity with the global standards and sustainable because our target is to leave a more livable world to the future generation

Our environmental activities

  • We are relating the sustainability of the environment directly to the future. We are running our activities with a universal concept of preserving the natural assets, primarily of our own country.
  • In order to be an example in the industrial plantation forestry field and to provide the development of this field, Kastamonu Entegre,  became the second big partner of ENAT A.S. that was founded under the leadership of the Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry and the TEMA Foundation. As stakeholders of ENAT A.S., our target is to protect better the natural forest areas, to provide the uninterrupted supply of raw material in the forestry products sector, to prevent erosion and to decrease the carbon emission.
  • We think that nature is the greatest gift given to us and we, Kastamonu Entegre, are running our production activities taking care to protect the richness offered to us. Within the frame of the Forests Week, we planted souvenir forests in the regions where we have production facilities. Forests are the symbol of life for us and we give all the necessary support to make then play an efficient role in the span of life.
  • While doing all these things, we do not forget the local people. In order to develop socially and economically the area where our factory is in the Adana region, we distributed eucalyptus saplings and supported the eucalyptus cultivation.

Our Education and Cultural activities

  • Kastamonu Entegre gives a lot of importance to the internal corporate education and at the same time believes that the country and the environment will reach the best level through education. The word “ekin” which is the synonym  for culture, means earth at the same time. Education and culture cannot be conceived separately. From this point of view, our education  activities are unfolding taing into consideration the target of protecting all elements which we gained from this land and adding new elements to the existent ones.
  • Within the frame of the 2nd Goodness Festival organized at the beginning of  2016 under the protection of the Gebze District Governorship for facilitating the access of information and for supporting a generation that reads more, Kastamonu Emtegre has inaugurated the opening of the Gebze KYK Library. From now on, the students and pupils will be able to get the correct and relkiable information from the library sources in their  close vicinity.
  • In year 2015, we actualized the “ Do not throw away, evaluate, support the Professional schools” Project with the collaboration of TAYSAD and within this frame we sent all the non-calibrated / functioning devices in the laboratories of our facilities, to TAYSAD. This initiative was our collaboration for providing suitable laboratory experiment  conditions for the students which are studying in the professional schools.
  • Meeting the students . We are considering an entity each region where we exist and are shortening the distances. The students in the forest villages of locations where we have our factories,  are hosted by us in the city during the Summer vacation, Istanbul visits are organized for them in order to enrich their cultural accumulation.

Our sports activities

We believe that sports does not mean only contests, but it one of the most important factors which contribute to the body, mind and personal development of the individual and of the society. In this connection, we are supporting the young sportsmen in collaboration with the Kentavar  Taek wan doo Club in Kazanlar, Bulgaria.

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